Dec 10, 2013

Sonic Carnival 2013 - Steve Aoki Live in Manila (Post Review)


Dubbed as the "Feast of Music", the event started at 2:00 pm on a gray sky Saturday afternoon at the Concert Grounds of SM Mall of Asia, Manila. We were planning to get into the crowd at the onset of the party but due to some unfathomable reason, we failed. Nevertheless, still it was all worth it. What we were after for was the finale of best House artists - Laidback Luke and Steve Aoki.

Dec 6, 2013

Sonic Carnival 2013 - Steve Aoki Live in Manila (Pre-Concert Review)


I am a certified music lover and I idolize artists that always keep my body wiggling. Looking back, my evolution started from Slow Rock to Alternative to Punk Rock to Metal to Hard Metal to Reggae to Ska to Indie and now to EDM. These genres are my addiction ever since and sometimes I toggle from one genre to another depending on my mood.

Free 500 Backlinks. Again, it's FREE!


It is the goal of JuanInvestor to get the MOST in life for LESS. Now I am going to reveal to you a free tool that I've just discovered these past few days. As a blogger, one of my priorities is to increase the readership of this blog and to improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of this site.

Nov 28, 2013

4 Reasons Why I don't like Budgeting


I have written several posts in this blog but never did I write a single article about budgeting. It seems like counter-intuitive since this is meant to be a personal finance blog - budgeting, investments, savings articles, should be the topic.

Budgeting is closely synonymous to Saving. It is the process of proper allocation of resources to ensure each liability, expense or savings will be satisfied according to plan.

Although savings is just an aspect of budgeting, it is still the same. To budget is like saving the money for proper allocation - no unplanned spending or excess outlay for expenses.

Here are the four (4) reasons why I don't like Budgeting

1. It limits your creativity

To spend lesser than what you earn closes one's mind to look for a better way of earning more to obtain one's goals and dreams in life. Budgeting constricts the elasticity of our mind to seek for a definitive solution.

What about saving money for capital of future business? Still invalid. Capital is not a problem these days but creativity. There are a lot of ways to raise money: angel investors, venture capitalists, relatives, friends, Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Quirky, cooperatives or even banks. Note that banks is the last priority of obtaining a capital. It has the highest interest rate of loans!

2. It kills your desire

You will be satisfied with the status quo. If you budget, chances are you will get used with what you practice and no longer aim for other things. If you can survive with what you are currently earning, why struggle to earn more?

This could be the worst justification of all if you keep on budgeting. If your original plan is to become a business magnate, odds are greater that you will just be contented of being a production worker all your life when you are already satisfied with your current job, earnings and properties.

3. Inhibits you to enjoy life

Budgeting is the best test of discipline. You know how hard it is to budget. For me it's a pain in the ass. Instead of spending what you earn for what you want, you tend to set aside some portion of your money for saving, for slow investments.

4. It evokes self-pity

To limit one's spending will likely trigger self-pity. Instead of having things that can make you happy, why limit yourself to something that doesn't give value to you at all? While others are happy, you are self-castigating to the point of being discouraged in the long haul.


Budgeting is NOT really bad at all granting all of these conditions are present:
  1. It is not a limiting factor to obtain what you need and what you want to have/do;
  2. A part of your earnings is spent on fast investments to gain a significant interest and keep up with inflation;
  3. There is a continual improvement of one's income.


Rather than budget or limit your spending, why not increase your income?

Nov 23, 2013

How to Generate Unlimited, Targeted Traffic to Your Website in The Next 15 Minutes

If you have a website, and you have a great product to sell, your main concern is to get your website to the point where you make money from it on complete auto-pilot... But how can you make money if your site isn't getting any traffic?

It used to be hard to get traffic to your site. You had to spend a ton of money to get your website set up to take the orders, and then another bunch of money to get traffic to your website.

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If your sales copy is written properly, you will gain a ton of sales which is exactly what you want right..? Isn’t that why you built your website for in the first place? 


Why have a non-productive website when it can be making untold amounts of money for you... All you need to do is get traffic to your site. And I solved that problem for you as well. Take a look at my easy-to-follow system and you will find your traffic skyrocket in no time. 

I know it works because I have a friend who owns three websites. He wasn't getting much traffic at all to any of them. As such, he wasn't making any money.

When he tried my super powerful program, not only did his traffic increase to all his websites, but he also started generating sales from his offers. If he can do this, so can you. 

Don’t waste another day watching your hit counter slowly increase when you can watch your hit counter turn at the speed of light. 


How to Get Unlimited, Targeted Traffic in The Next 15 Minutes


Sounds like a wild idea, right? Can you really get unlimited targeted traffic in 15 minutes? Not only can you do so, but I am going to tell you how. If you like to get unlimited, targeted traffic in any niche to your website listen up, for I am about to tell you the way to do it.

Nov 17, 2013

Yolanda (Haiyan) victims need no whistle-blower


I really like Wrigley's tagline - "In times like these, you need a juicy". This simply reminds us to be cool and calm in adversities than being stupid enough to be prejudicial and skeptical. Being cool and calm is not being passive and lazy but being strategic and action-oriented. It's the message of this post.

Oct 30, 2013

FREE GIFT! If you know the answer (ENDED)


Before I wrote this, I had really no idea what to blog about. It's not that I am compelled to, but I want to have a "new" post after quite a dormant season of this site. But I wanted something unique. A topic no one would think about that someone could write a simple story on something. Guess what?

Oct 8, 2013

5FigureDay Honest Review


Presently I am a Clickbank affiliate. I promote products offered on Clickbank and earn commissions every time someone ends up buying information products using my banners or links. Registration is FREE on Clickbank so there's nothing to lose. Approval is instant, no waiting and no delays.

If you don't work, you won't earn obviously. Fair enough. This is the real proof of no scam. That's why I love Clickbank. You can register using the link above.

Last Sep 07, 2013, I got an email from someone about the massive launch of the best product in Clickbank. The founder even showed his certificates from Clickbank of being the Bestseller in 2011, 2012 & 2013. It is called 5FigureDay by Bryan Winters.

Bryan is the man on list building. His reputation is high enough: he earned millions of dollars already on his digital products and the commissions that he gives is really good. That's why many IM's like him. And I'm one of them. 


I live simplicity. I'll explain this in a simple, concise manner, with no bias and prejudice. 5FigureDay is a List Building platform that will make you collect email leads without making your own website.

Every month, Bryan will give out free website which you can use to capture leads. Your job is simple - collect more leads and let your leads build a list for you. So together, you and your subscriber will be building your lists - a win-win situation! 

Now what's cool with this is that, you can try this for FREE. Or, you can have 1 month trial for just $1. Yes, no scam and no gimmick. You can even backout if you don't like. No commitments. For FREE subscription, register through my affiliate link here. And I'll be glad to assist you with your questions as much as possible.

But here's the sad part. If you are just a FREE member, you are not eligible to earn commissions for the sales generated under you.

However, if you are an Unleashed Member who availed the $1 trial, you can earn commissions whenever someone buys using your link. Pretty simple. Wanna ask how much commission will you receive MONTHLY for each subscriber? Just small - $41/month. Imagine having just 50 active subscribers on the first month. That is just around $2,050. Not bad.

But here's the best part. What if you grow your list and add 150 leads every after one month? Do the math. If my math is correct, that is a total of 1,700 leads in one year! And with that, you will be earning..drum roll please....$69,700 in one year! To all Non-US residents, convert it to your local currency :)

Interested? Yes, there will be rooms for doubts, even I had that same feeling when I started out. But when I saw testimonial videos of members earning monthly residual incomes, the fear went away and I was pumped up.

Just saying, after 1 month I collected 22 leads. Quite few yeah, since I'm doing this part-time when off from work. See the picture below for the proof of my leads.

If you are determined to earn high income, join by clicking this link ==> 5FigureDay

Else, you can live just how you lived yesterday and be contented with what you are earning right now. No kidding. As Einstein defines, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." May this guide you in your undertaking. God bless!

P.S. There's a Facebook group for 5FD members. Join here and ask questions ==> 5FD Group

List Building - The Best IM Scheme


I was the most skeptical person that I know. I doubt too much, questions a lot and apprehend matters 'til analysis-paralysis devours me. But I don't blame myself for this, it's such that I don't want to be lied for that would really be a shame being a sucker. Sorry for the word.

Sep 27, 2013

Live OR Die: The Power of No Options


When was the last time you held your butt for 5 hours to survive a "near-defecation" moment on the bus? How did you struggle going home in an extremely dark night just because you were starving to eat? In situations like these when forced to decide when only one option is available, most often than not is the most powerful mover of all.

Sep 20, 2013

Why Experience is Not the Worst Teacher


Antagonists say that experience is the worst teacher, well not me. This is a bias judgment and the greatest disabler of human curiosity. Imagine telling this to a young child and watch his reaction. What could we expect?

He would definitely avoid an experience. The word "experience" denotes a negative connotation that is instilled to the lad's mind making him feel averse of new experiences, not to try other things that nobody dares to do.

But don't get me wrong, all experiences are good.

The effects of this is not that apparent and the after-effects are even more plaguing. Here's an example based on a real life story of my friend.

My friend's parents were married at an early age: her father at 21 and her mother at 18 years old. They were blessed at first. They loved each other and they have four lovely children. But not until the 25th year that her parents suddenly separated! 

The reason - her mom gave birth to a son from another guy. Depressing.

When the extended family (her uncles, aunts) came in to probe about the issue, they found out that the reason why her (my friend) mother left them is because she didn't love her husband anymore and she didn't want to live like a nanny - taking care of children and staying at home all the time. She wanted to go out with her young friends to party like there's no tomorrow. 

In a wider perspective, there are are many possible reasons why she had done that decision. However, one of the most probable reasons (which her uncles and aunties also agreed), is because her mom haven't passed through the post-teenager stage. When she got married at the age of 18, what she did was all motherly tasks and activities.

While other women at this age go travelling around the country making friends and exploring their womanhood, her mother was already breastfeeding the baby.

The problem can be attributed to the early motherhood of her mom. Instead of exploring one's self at an early age and marry at the right time, her mother did the opposite.

What I am trying to say is that, the more experiences that you have the lesser the chances of activities to recur when life tends to be serious. Thus, it is better to start with self-discovery at first and then move on to another stage.

Good or bad experiences, there is no exception. For as long as you tried something illegal yet you know how to get out, there's nothing wrong but ALL the risk is in you! It's kinda similar to my previous blog post - Once Tasted, Always Wanted, where I unearthed the whole meaning of the short phrase.

Experience is like a coffee. It is best served in the morning. One should be open to new experiences for this will mold us into perfect US. To try things at an early age is an advantage because you will have an idea what and how it feels like and your learning is growing with your age. Hence, experiencing more things is a wise move!

Similarly, in the context of investing, people who are exposed to investing at an early age has a far greater advantage than those ones who learn at early 20's or even 30's. Conclusively, learning is effective at an early age.

I often hear people stating the exact age when to start a certain endeavor. Yes, this is possible but the learning curve is greater. That is why I encourage everyone to learn investing as early as NOW or not later than this MOMENT!

Sep 17, 2013

3 Best FREE Services Not Worth Spending


I am one of the advocates of the cliche, "The best things in life are free." While this may sound stupid or something (think about Lamborghini or Hermes bag which obviously you can never get for free), I know that this is not quite bad. Try these stuff first and you can thank me later.

Sep 8, 2013

7 Lessons On A Trip to The Party Island - Boracay

Three weeks ago, I went to Boracay to experience the luxury of resort living and to escape the cubicle space for a while.

The travel was spontaneous and unplanned. Due to desperateness of not having a plunge on salty clear waters for months, we booked a flight straight to the lovely island without even thinking for the accommodations, itinerary and budget.

Well the stupid notion turned out to be terrific and I didn't regret either. There are several reasons why I chose to go to Boracay instead of other beautiful places in the Philippines.

(1) Boracay is said to be the World's Best Island in 2012, Best Beach in Asia for 2013 based on TripAdvisor's survey, defeating other destinations across the continent. Worth trying, I thought.

(2) I don't want to be a foreign citizen in our own country. When my friend (an American) told me his experience in Boracay, I was just nodding stupidly. At the end of the conversation I laughed and said, "Yeah, I should go to that beach soon."

(3) I want to experience partying at the beach. While having a disco on the city lights may sound nice, I find it great to dance with a soft ocean breeze on a native hut.

(4) Travel enlightens your ideas and imagination. A wider perspective enables us to visualize and prototype our thoughts clearly.

(5) A prequel to my desire of living a nomadic lifestyle. 

There are two ways going to Boracay from Manila, Philippines: (1) A direct flight from Manila (MNL) to Caticlan (MPH) or (2) Manila (MNL) to Kalibo (KLO). Convenience-wise, the first option is preferable. You can save 2 hours of travel, if you want to.

But we challenge discomfort and embrace adventure so we opted for the second option - Manila to Kalibo. Our flight was scheduled to be at 3 pm on a Friday afternoon.

Lo and behold, there was a notification to cancel all flights of ZestAir. So we ended up waiting there for seven (7) hours in the airport until we were transferred to another carrier.

Couldn't blame them either. The reason of cancellation of all flights was due to safety issues being detected on the airline. Way better than being landed on the sea if it weren't detected beforehand, I thought.


We arrived at Kalibo Airport at 11:30 pm. We searched for any means to travel going to the Jetty Port (the port where boats are stationed going to Boracay island).

Before heading to the exit, there was a banner posted "Php 250 going to Boracay thru a shuttle van." I wasn't paying attention instead, I asked the security guard if there is anything else we can ride going to Boracay. The answer is negative.

Considering the time, there was no other vehicles available except for the van. No choice so we hopped on the van and traveled for 2 hours.

While in the course of travel, we were laughing out loud and making fun of our travel experience and was so excited to see the island.

Both of us were first-timers in Boracay. When we arrived at the Jetty Port around 1:30 am, we felt hopeless. But the feeling was gone when we saw a boat still accepting passengers going to Boracay!

However, the fare was almost 7 times higher - Php 100 instead of Php 15 regular rate! The reason why it's more expensive is because it was beyond their regular travel time which is from 6 am - 10 pm.

First myth that we busted - you can go to Boracay at ANYTIME, no time limits!

We arrived at 1:40 am in the coast. I could still remember the amazement on my face when my feet were subsiding while stepping on the "floury" sand. 

After the boat ride, we rode a trike going to Boracay and paid Php 50 each. At exactly 2:00 am, I had my first step in Boracay.

But there was a problem: where would we stay? We haven't booked hotels or anything. We thought that we could just find cheap accommodations by wandering around the place.


We went to places nearby for accommodations but all were closed! It's already 2:00 am.

So what we did was still brilliant - drunk beer in the shoreline while watching the tides. It's not until 6:30 am that we finally found a decent place to stay for just Php 1,500 a night.

While we were walking around looking for rooms to stay, a certain guy approached us and offered a room. He guided us to the place and we liked it at first sight.

It was great! Not to mention that it's in Station 1 - the center part of Boracay. There are five (5) stations in Boracay. And I would say, if you want the party-crowd, go to Station 1 or 2. Else, go to Station 3 if you want a private moment. It is silent, less-crowded and serene. I've never been to Station 5.

We had our room in Casa Santa Fe. The room has two beds good for 3 people: 1 queen-size bed for two and a single bed. It already has an aircon unit, Wi-Fi, TV, and a hot & cold shower (no free breakfast).

So if you're in three's, you're gonna spend Php 500 a night. The landlady suggested that we could buy something from the market and have it cooked for free, courtesy of her. That was part of their service. But we opted to eat outside and look for something new!

Second myth busted - you can book a room anywhere in Boracay, on-the-spot!

The man who helped us find a room happened to be our tour guide. He showed us the spectacular activities to do in Boracay at a LOW price. I was cynical at first but when I found out that he's trustworthy enough, I was confident.

As a first-timer, our original plan was to go around and explore all the establishments, take pictures and discover all places there that are worth visiting the next time around. But we never failed to swim and experience the buzz about the soft white sands in the shore.

I fell in love with the beach and I couldn't compare anything better than that. I already went to Bohol and Cebu. But for me, Boracay is the best.

When the dark gobbled the sun, the excitement rolled in. Party time! We dressed our best outfits and headed to the funkiest bar in Boracay - Club Paraw. According to our tour guide, Club Paraw has the largest crowd among all and the variety of people is great - Filipinos, Korean, Chinese, American etc.

For Php 150 entrance fee, you have a free 1 glass of vodka and you can dance all the way you want. I shouldn't have danced, considering that I only dance with the rhythm of electronic dance music, but I gave in when after a while the DJ played Steve Aoki's Boneless. Couldn't help myself when my feet dragged me to the dance floor. And the party started until we went home at 3:00 am.

The last day was a blast. We had a dinner buffet for Php 280 and we ate like there's no tomorrow. The roasted fish was so intense and I loved the pork and the chicken. We bought few souvenir items and then packed up, headed home.

For just a night and two days stay, I really enjoyed the short vacation (should have been longer if it wasn't because of the delayed flight) and I hope to visit once again after some time, of course in groups.

7 Lessons I Learned in Boracay

1. If you're in vacation mode, you can opt for a cheap flight. But never book on a budget airline during business trips. You'll surely be in trouble!

2. Time is more important than money. We could have chosen a flight from Manila to Caticlan and save 2 hours of travel instead of Manila to Kalibo.

3. Make sure you arrive in Boracay in the morning. This is the check-out time of people in hotels. Perhaps you could take place on the rooms.

4. As a first-timer, you need to have a tour guide. They can take you anywhere and might give you discounts.

5. Travel light. Don't carry anything that you won't need. Save your space for souvenirs and goodies.

6. It is more fun & cheaper to travel in groups. Laughing out loud will never be the same if you're in a group. Likewise, it is cheaper because expenses can be divided.

7. As an investor, book promo tickets in advance and save for the trip. Imagine how this trip could inspire you to work hard and think of the future. This could make you excited and enthusiastic of what's going to happen ahead. Invest in something that money cannot buy.

How about you? How was your experience in Boracay? Any places that you plan to go? :)

Update: Check out my 2nd post about Boracay - 5 Unusual and Offbeat Things to do in Boracay 2016

Sep 7, 2013

5 Lessons on a Bearish Market


The Philippine stock market is really depressing today. With the drastic downturn in the economy, all IPO's have been affected resulting to an all-time low for several days.

A 25% loss on my stocks is alarming! This is not to brag but to show my real losses. My investment is quite small for now.

Aug 27, 2013

3 Broken-Record Excuses of Not Having A Business


Let's face it. There are many ways to be financially-free but by far the best is to have a business. In terms of flexibility, income potential and mobility, having one's business truly outweighs the benefits of being a 9-5 dayjob employee. But whats boggling for some time is the inability to start. Here are the most famous excuses of not having a business.

Aug 26, 2013

Microbusiness: Usefulness Not Innovation


We've all heard about business titans - Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban, etc. You will be astounded with their net worth - more than a billion USD! That's too much, you might say.

The most common problem we then face after knowing such is the inability to act. Why? Because we get overwhelmed as to HOW they started and HOW they earn such wealth. Little do we realize that ALL of them started SMALL. Yes, the "snail" way.

With the evolution of E-commerce - Webinar, Dropshipping and Self-Publishing, people can do business a whole lot more in a different way. Before, we could not trade items without a physical store or shop and the physical handling of money as payment.

Well, today, not anymore. Before, publishing a book is way too HARDER than writing the book itself as you have to persuade publishers and get approved first before your book is printed and distributed. Now, that is just a second option because of Self-Publishing. 

What I am trying to say is that, business revolution makes it EASIER for us to start our own businesses. As I read along a book of Chris Guillebeau's $100 Startup, I found several case studies of accidental and determined entrepreneurs.

The requisites are simple, Chris surveyed a lot of entrepreneurs with a little or no capital at all in starting their businesses. Inspiring. And he even stresses Microbusiness that it is the usefulness of the product/service that matters, not the innovation itself.

Take this as an example. A woman might have problems about relationship with her husband. And she needs someone who can give her a sound and effective solution/advice.

While she's on Facebook, she happened to bumped a page where it offers professional marriage counseling. Lightbulb flashed.

She immediately messaged the page owner and agreed to have a schedule with her husband. The price she paid, $500 for 4 sessions a month! Take note that the counseling service is no rocket science and not technically scary. But it's a simple counseling that any psychology majors can handle.

It is not something like a discovery of a new gadget, new tool or a breakthrough in health or medicine. You see, a business is just a matter of solving other people's problems in a definite and easy way.

While Steve Jobs invented the first touch-screen phone, this may not be the case to other business owners. There are several business opportunities. There is yet to be found. It's just a matter of segmentation and differentiation.

Another example: You want to start your own blog for free with no cost at all. You tried to search on this one but you haven't found anything. Instead, you happened to be in a bogus website but the instructions were vague and NOT newbie-friendly.

You were already exasperated. Desperate. But not until you found a helpful e-book entitled, "15 Minutes No COST Blog Set-up with Google Adsense Approval in 5 Days!"

Wouldn't you buy this product? Of course you will! But since you're one of the cynics that don't believe easily on anything, you read reviews about this offer.

And boom, 98% positive feedback! Now this is the best example of a Microbusiness. The author sells information product with no physical store, no publishing and no staff at all.

The solution is simple - how to set-up a blog for FREE in just 15 minutes of your time, with Adsense approval in 5 days! Spectacular, right? Now this is the best solution that you could have.

Image courtesy of

Aug 24, 2013

Soylent: NO MORE Food, just a Drink!


Several articles pop out on blogging giants like TechCrunch, Gawker and Time (to mention a few) about the most innovative, futuristic food-replacement drink called Soylent.

Rob Rhinehart, a 24 year old electrical engineer, Silicon Valley techie, discovered this strange creamy liquid through a series of informal tests and experimentation.

Jul 26, 2013

The Psychology of Response


When you are confronted with someone on a certain issue, how would you react? Research shows that there are three ways a person would respond on a situation like this.

More often, these three ways are associated to a specific type of person based on the responses. It is called the Psychology of Response.

Self-Denial - Skill a Leader Must Know

Ever experienced on a leader who keeps on telling "Yes, it can be done!" when in reality is not achievable? How many times did your friend cheer up for you to do something really impossible yet you yourself know it's freakin' hard?

You tried Power Thinking yet it's undeniable that it couldn't really be done. You think you're nuts. Who's the psycho, you or him?

Jul 25, 2013

Good Debt VS Bad Debt


Debt is a negative word. Every time I hear the word from someone, my head starts to get heavy and aching. I dread the word. Baffling. Pesky. Nauseous.

Imagine what I would feel when something pops out in my head saying, "Don't ever take anything on credit! For God's sake, you will suffer for the rest of your life!" Scary, right? Yeah that was mom's voice. She's right. And she's wrong.

Jul 23, 2013

I wanna be Happy, not Rich


You hear this all the time. All people are saying this, to overstate. We were born and raised hearing this line over and over again - like a broken record. First, I am not blaming anyone. Yet on a second thought, I found a slight glitch that makes the difference. Second, I am not convincing someone to advocate my opinion. Would be happy if you share some insights though.

Jul 14, 2013

Once Tasted,..always WANTED?


The life of a teenager seems to be the most exhilarating stage of a person. It is when the inquisitive mind is fed with all the possibilities and wonders a guy could ever think of. Discoveries, yes!

And with that we often hear the old adage saying, "Once tasted, always wanted!"  Well, not for all. While this is a general statement indicating the vast majority, this doesn't apply to everybody. Not me! :)

Jul 12, 2013

You are Complaining, Others Are Not


Fed up. Satiated. Tired. Pessimistic as it may seem, I know these are not the right words. Sad but true, whether we like it or not these really happens at some point of our lives. It's like reaching to a point where you get overwhelmed with the things around you.

Jul 11, 2013

10 Songs that Pump Your Heart Out (PYHO)


When you feel like bored yet something's up to get done, you gotta check out these songs on my playlist. No, this is not limited to just "computer" works. You can listen to these songs that pump you up no matter what you're doing: washing your car, baking, fixing your broken faucet, reading and even intimate moments with know it pumpkin-head!

Jul 7, 2013

THL W100 - Cheapest Quad-Core Phone


Looking for a phone that is worth investing? Last month I bought a smartphone (THL W100) and it took 7 days to deliver the package in the office. As expected, I had it on my hands: a Quad-core, 4.5 inch screen, Android 4.2 phone with 8mp main and 5mp front camera!

May 25, 2013

Are you an Ass-Kicker or Ass-Licker?


May it in business or career, there's one question to ask for: "Am I an ass-kicker or ass-licker?" It doesn't matter, as long as I'm happy either way around is fine with me, a hypocrite might say.

Rarely true. Nobody's been successful with cuffs on someone's hand. Autonomy is what motivates people to work and to do well on their career. Being a pup to someone else is crippling. Uninspiring.

May 15, 2013

How to HIT Deadlines!


Hey fellas! So here's the catch. One of my subscribers was complaining about himself stating, he couldn't get the job done immediately. His boss was kinda mad at him because given the free time, he seemed to be not moving and taking advantage of long time-frame.

May 11, 2013

Mark Cuban VS Bo Sanchez


Last week I stumbled upon a post and seen a quote from Mark Cuban that says "Follow your passion is the worst advice you can ever get or give." I was completely blown away. No, I said to myself. I need to think about this. I need time. This is a hoax, I thought. But Bo Sanchez said "Follow your passion and money will come!"

Apr 7, 2013

Passion OR Occupation?


Every single day. Every single hour. Every single minute. I keep on thinking about this question. Pondering. Reflecting. Deciding. Why do we have to work? Why do we have to exert strenuous efforts for us to live? Passion or occupation?

It seems I am complaining. Why not live comfortably without external interventions? Why do we have to have what we don't even need? Why is this emotion dragging us to something vain? To something unworthy? Temporary.

Mar 23, 2013

Positive Thinking VS Power Thinking


Challenges and struggles are constant. Let's face it. And every time we got into a hot plate, we need to act accordingly and decide on the best course of action. Dilemma? Oh yes, it's between the devil and the deep blue sea.

A situation where the options are all worse. It's not really considered options! It makes us think, "Is there a better option?"

Mar 19, 2013

Top 3 Reasons to Live Every Day


Sad. Depressed. Frustrated. Humans as we are, our emotions are in a roller coaster. Sometimes we are felicitated about a situation or sad about a thing that happened. But we can avoid the loneliness trap. Here are the top 3 reasons why we should live each day.

Mar 17, 2013

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Oil


There are several companies to choose in stock investing – from banks to consumer goods, conglomerates, financials, mining, etc. So this leaves you puzzled where to put your money in a vehicle that is “safe” and promising.

Personal observation. Oil is a vital mover in the global economy. Everyone needs oil. We need oil in our households (LPG tanks), cars, industries (generators, compressors) and logistics (airplanes, ships). Without oil the world economy will stop! Agree?

Oil directly affects everyone. Did you notice that a slight change of oil affects the prices of primary commodities like rice, corn, sugar, crops, etc? This is because of logistics. The higher is the oil’s price, the more expensive it is to transport and distribute to consumers!

Not only that. Here are top 3 reasons to invest in oil:

1. Easy to understand. Understanding oil is easier than any other stock options. The Law of supply and demand suffices – the greater the supply, the lesser the demand. Question is, will the demand decreases considering the growing economy?

2. Substantial returns. A change of the price of oil affects everything. Yes, everything! Ever wonder why there’s always inflation? Hence, investing in oil is likely to be a safe haven considering the price hike from time to time.

3. Ultimate Influencer. Oil is the price dictator. Once it rises, all the other sectors will follow. And with the increasing demand of oil all over the world, what would be the effect? And not only that, only few countries are exporting oil!

Middle East countries are the biggest oil suppliers. The rest of the countries are just relying on these suppliers for consumption. Now, does this sound convincing to you?

Though oil companies are my first priority in stock investing, I am not placing all my eggs on this. Yes, the rewards are big when you invest in oil. But this is not an exception to the rule of Risk and Reward – the more rewards you receive, the riskier it is. So the question is, is it worth the risk?


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