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Philippine Stock Market - An Introduction


Welcome to my first blog! If you are one of the people who want to know more about investing in thestock market, you belong. Else, you are definitely lost out of nowhere.

Most people say stock market investing is boring and slow-moving. Maybe! Some even said that it is VERY risky and your potential earning is too far from reality. Possibly!

But here’s the catch. Assuming all the statements above are true, then why do many people get rich in the stock market? Hmm.. Luck? I don’t think so. Destiny? Not even close.


Just so you know, I am not saying I am Houdini in stock market investing. Far from it! I am not even a stock broker who knows all sorts of market fluctuations and all economic events.

I cannot give you an absolute advice as to where to invest, when and how much.

But the thing is, I invest because I believe in the potential of this vehicle. Well, I started investing in the stock market last Dec 2012. I was hooked up on this idea when my officemate, a manager, showed me his account and got an astounding profit in just few months!

He also started investing last May of 2012. Since then I got my savings from the bank and invested in the stock market.


Why am I saying this? Because banks are actually stealing money from us every time we deposit our money. Stealing in a sense that they are using our money without our intent! They don’t even ask permission from us to use it.

They just simply take it away and invest in other means. Worst, they don’t share equally with us how much they earn from our own money. Bitter me? Not really. I’ve just learned this from my few months of forex encounter.

But I am not saying that banks are of no use. They are, of course! Without them how can we receive our salary? How about our credit cards?

How can we loan for our houses, cars, businesses, gadgets, etc? Where do our accountants and bankers go? Banks are very important. They are one of the economic drivers of our country. And I mean that. They are part of our progress.


Not all of us want to invest in the stock market. Still this does not suit to some. Now here are the indicators that you need to invest in the stock market.
  1. You want to have a long-term investment where you plan to use the money after 10 years. If you are planning to have a pretty good sum of money for your son’s education, or you are just planning to get wed, this is perfect for you. Or maybe you want to retire after a looong years of work. This works best also.
  2. You are not risk-averse. Price fluctuation in the stock market is like a taxi in the street. Every now and then you get to see that whether you like or not. But this shouldn’t scare you. This is common in every IPO. However, there are some companions that we have which I will blog later on.
  3. You are not contented with the interest the bank gave you. If you are piling your money in the bank for a long time and yet you earn say, roughly P150 pesos out on your P10,000 savings deposit, then it is time for you to move on. You are just being beaten by inflation. Your money will no longer have value before you know it.


Stock market is a high-risk investment. And I don’t recommend this to anyone who is super-conscious and extra-sensitive. Better invest in other vehicles. However, good thing is stock market is truly rewarding. Yes you know that the higher the risk, the higher the reward.

Risk ≈ Reward

Just a heads up, I am having my account online which I will show on my next blog.

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