Jun 23, 2014

Why Showing Off Causes the Greatest Infliction


I've been always stoical of all the stuff that I do and what I've been through. This has helped me almost all of the time and I consider this as one of my strengths. In fact I boldly accepted myself as being stoic and I'm proud to be one. Oh yeah I almost forget, I'm not showing off!

May 21, 2014

2 Things to Master: Discomfort and Uncertainty


When alone, we tend to think of ourselves and our consciousness rises. At some point in time, inevitably, we are tempted to ask ourselves about what could happen in the future and what we could do about it.

Sometimes we are often caught with situations when we are compelled to act accordingly without knowing what to do. And playing safe or doing nothing seems to be the best thing to do. Unfortunately, not.

Unless we break out in our comfort zone, nothing seems worthwhile. We always hear about it. And it's always true. It always takes courage and guts to do something extraordinary. There is nothing worth achieving comes easy without doing something. There is no "something for nothing".

It is my goal to reach my peak potential or at least utilize 90% of my skills and talents what God has endowed me. Else I would rut full of regrets not using my full capacity. Inefficient human being - has impeccable skills and potential yet unused. I don't want to be one.

Upon introspection, I found out a bunch of things to develop for me to reach my peak potential. On a deeper thought, I came up with a simplified goal and that there are 2 things to master: Discomfort and Uncertainty.

Individuals who outshine other people whether in business, show business or sports all have one thing in common: they are masters of handling discomfort and uncertainty.

1st Thing to Master - Discomfort

What is discomfort? It is an emotion/feeling where a person feels dull, uneasy or awkward towards a situation or a stimuli. Some of the examples are men wearing 5 inches heels, talking to strangers, fear of heights, managing people with different values, starting a business and so on. Discomfort comes either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

The reason why you need to be a master of discomfort is because all great things in life don't come easily. Thomas Edison failed more than a thousand experiments before he successfully invented the light bulb.

If one experiment lasts 2 hours, that translates to more than 2,000 hours of failed experiments. The discomfort - failure. Edison had mastered the discomfort of having failed many times. His determination and patience are great enough than failure.

Me however, managed the discomfort of being sleep-derived when I was in college. I came home 11:00 PM every night and studied until 12:00 AM for assignments and lessons. And it paid off. That laurel would have been not possible had I complained and escaped the discomfort of sleeping late and drowsy in school.

2nd Thing to Master - Uncertainty

Nobody knows the future yet we dread about it. Or is the future really important to be planned? No one should be afraid of the future. It will come, inevitably, and we just have to prepare. 

Uncertainty is the state of being unclear, vague or indefinite of what will happen or take place to an action or stimuli. In other words it means "no idea of what will happen."

One of the greatest fears, perhaps, is the fear of the unknown. It's like diving on the cliff without knowing the depth of the water. The uncertainty of what will happen cripples us to decide - to go or not to go, because we often think for the worst, not for the good. Thus, it all lies to mind conditioning. 

Why master uncertainty? Opportunities come once in a while. The fear of uncertainty causes indecision and paralysis, which leads to inaction. If humans always bind to uncertainty, there would have been no Apple, Facebook and Twitter.

To master uncertainty, we must have an optimistic mind and be bold enough to face the consequences of our decisions (and actions) whether good or bad.

Apr 25, 2014

Top 4 Factors to Consider Before Having a Loan


With the enormous rise of lending institutions and banking industries, taking a loan is just a matter of seconds. Financial institutions are luring customers for a big purchase with a guarantee of 1 year to pay, no collateral, zero interest or other hype.

But you must take into account these 4 factors to consider before having a loan or you will blame yourself in the end.

1. The purpose must be a need or has a future value (FV) appreciation

Needs: house, car, education
FV: business, investment

iPhone is not a need, communication is. But you can simply have a cheaper phone to provide your communication needs. Likewise, BMW is not a need, travel is. And you can opt for a reliable Toyota without having any trouble. In any way, it will depreciate and are not worth for a loan.

Meanwhile, loans for business and investment are different. It doesn't guarantee a return but the payback outweighs the loan undertaken. Best example is business loan. How about having a $5,000 loan, payable in one year with monthly installments of $480 but the potential income is $1,000 a month?

That would be $520 pure profit every month! That is considered an unlimited ROI since there is no cash outlay or No Money Down!

2. Monthly payments are affordable

If the above condition is met, make sure you are capable of repaying it. The source of paying off the loan must be decided. Else, your credit rating will suffer. Bear in mind that the loan must not affect your savings, short-term plans and other monthly expenses/bills/loans.

3. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is industry average

Most of us don't really mind how one loan could ruin us financially. Some loans would take 10 years and it really sucks.

By default, APR should not be more than 16%, else seek another lender. In most cases, banks' annual rate ranges from 12% - 16%. Choose the lowest.

If a loan really matters to you and can't afford to miss that opportunity, try to negotiate the APR and/or increase your monthly payments to shorten the term. Take note, the latter may sacrifice savings or plans so evaluate wisely.

4. Commit yourself to pay off the loan

Acquiring is bliss but repaying is painful. Self-conviction is very important as it will make or break your credit standing. Bad credit standing will result to lesser chances of future loans from creditors. Handle debts carefully. The purpose of the loan is reward; paying off the loan is the offering. So take it positively. 

Apr 14, 2014

You will love these HOT offers from Groupon! (Ended)


Spice up your week as the Lenten Season is approaching. Saw some great offers and thought I should share it to you. I handpicked these Groupon items with big discounts. You can only find this here exclusively in JuanInvestor. Shop more, sae more! Enjoy and thank me later.

Apr 6, 2014

Start Your FREE Blog in 10 minutes


I must admit that having a blog is complicated as it may seem, but simple once you take the plunge. Most people complain about the cost and intricacy involved in blogging. Fortunately though, simplifying solves the issues. Now think of a blog like driving a car - simple but not easy. Check the Benefits of Blogging.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Blog


A couple of friends and acquaintances have asked me why I have a blog. Most of them were serious about the question so I answered with modesty, "It's my outlet to express myself and to release my emotions." Surprisingly, the last thing I would hear from them is a silent "Aah."

Mar 30, 2014

My Mom was an Investor


Every time I feel down, I always think of my accomplishments. It may not be the best that I had hoped for but it's a great milestone in pursuit of success in life - far from what I was before but not yet what I'm going to be.

Mar 14, 2014



I wouldn't be proud of this but it's worth sharing. Today I put myself to a test: run for 5km right after work from residential house to the nearest mall in town. Fortunately, my alter ego did not react and voluntarily gave in. I was happy. And it was a success to control the other side of me.

Mar 13, 2014

The Art of Naivety


Too much worry of something kills, seriously. Poverty and death may be the most common examples but it doesn't end there. Small things that are really not bothering, can bother us in a distractive way. It is a matter of perspective.

Whether a hot gadget we desperately want, a never-ending project, unfaithful partner or a backbiter office mate, it can greatly affect us deep inside. Worst part is when we envelop ourselves with an issue for a long time. 

Sometimes it pays to be naive - ignore things and let it happen when it has to. Being passive is not really a good idea however using this tactic is the only workaround to avoid the trap. Diversion is a good strategy.

The way I see it though, at present, is that our youth tend to divert their attention by introducing a stimulus - alcohol, drugs, to name a few. To some it is effective. But remember, one wrong doesn't make the other wrong thing right.

Being naive is inherent in me. Sometimes it is working against me but in crucial situations, I appreciate my skill. It helped me a lot most of the time. Because of being naive, no hurting words were said, no self-depression (I hope not), no aggressive attacks made and no bickering with friends. Unaffected. Passive. Dormant. Here's what I think about when I get caught emotionally.

1. We will all die, enjoy while still alive.

Chameleons are everywhere and we don't know who they are. You lied and you've been lied; They're up there and you're still on the ground, but remember, nothing will be brought when you die. No one is an exemption. Material things decompose, decay and rut but our souls. Enjoy and do good things to everyone.

2. Words doesn't make you a lesser person.

Someone may have said something that hurt you. So what. True or not, it does not define your life there and then. You can always change anytime and achieve great happiness than everyone else. Bad words can be disposed easily from one ear to another. Don't keep it. Karma will always be there and yes it exists.

3. Luxury is just an illusion, it doesn't last long.

The luxury fulfillment is ephemeral. The experience may truly be one of a kind but the essential purpose is no nerve-wrecking.

4. Happiness lies within you.

Being happy is a how, not a what. It is how you see yourself, others and the world that defines how happy you are. Happiness is not defined by the things you achieve or net worth. The latter is just a result of happiness, not the cause.

Credits to www.lynnegolodner.com 

Mar 4, 2014

SM Free Movie Marathon Post Review


I jumpstarted the first day of graduation month (in Philippines) with a bang! Together with my friends, we watched a FREE movie marathon sponsored by SM Cinema. The movie screening was available in all SM Cinemas nationwide. Five new movies were opened to public. The selected movies were really great.

Feb 28, 2014

My Best Real Estate Lessons


In my early years, I was struggling to find a job that I love. When I asked myself what I wanted, there was no response. I knew I had something in my heart. But my shallow consciousness could not fathom my deepest thoughts or my inner voice was like a soft whisper that I couldn't hear.

Feb 16, 2014

Rice Cooker Spaghetti


Lazy Saturday afternoon and I got nothing to do. I checked out my task manager - Any.do in my phone and noticed that all are indoor tasks. I’ll be stuck here all day after Valentine’s, I thought. But no problem, I could bear with books and music. And food!

Feb 9, 2014

Forex - Do you have what it takes?


Forex is a very profitable business. No kidding. No fuss. You could earn as much as $500 in a minute! Translate it in Philippine currency and that's about P22,500 (if $1=P45). Yes, it is possible through the power of leverage. But, the risk is also TOO HIGH. If you could earn that much in a matter of few seconds, your money could also be gone as well in a snap of a second.

Feb 2, 2014

Adventure at Cebu Zipline Doce Pares


To conquer my fear is one of the best feelings I had. Knowing your own limits and overcoming them is worthwhile. True courage is when you don't allow fear cripple your capacity to do extraordinary things. Clearly, the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all. But there is really one solution to fear - mind conditioning.

Jan 30, 2014

The Duality of Life


I always believe in the rule of duality: everything in life is just a matter of TWO choices. You chose the first or the second option is really up to you. After all, there are really NO bad decisions. It is how you react to your decision that defines your success.


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