Wealth Summit 2013 - A Big Event of Bo Sanchez


As an investing enthusiast, one of the highlights for this year is Bo Sanchez’s Wealth Summit 2013. What is this exactly that makes it interesting? What’s in it for me? You might ask.

Just a little overview, Bo Sanchez is a missionary and an ex-seminarian. Yes, he has his own family. But wait, he’s also an entrepreneur, investor, author, millionaire and philanthropist. Sounds ironic, right? How could a religious servant be a millionaire? No I’m not kidding. (Read also my Day 1 and Day 2 Wealth Summit Review 2013)

Don’t get me wrong. It is already implanted in our minds that “Money is the root of all evil.” But I say, “Maybe yes, maybe not.” Why? We can use money to buy weapons for mass destruction or better yet, food.

The premise is an absolute declaration that all the evil acts are solely because of money. Unbelievable!

Whatever our decisions is a direct reflection of what’s going on in our minds. It is not really money that makes us evil but we ourselves are accountable to what we are going to do with it.

Now, the Wealth Summit is the most anticipated event this year! Powerhouse speakers gather in this prestigious event to share their experiences, secret formulas and expertise on how they earned their big bucks and how they sustain their businesses!

All sorts of businesses will be discussed here! From internet marketing to network marketing, real estate, stocks, mutual funds, entrepreneurship, insurance and everything else! We’re not talking of “thousands” here fellas but MILLIONS! MULTIMILLIONS!!! Eleven (11) most-sought-after speakers will be there to inspire us! You might be MORE surprised if you know these speakers:

1. Bo Sanchez – Founder, TrulyRichClub
2. Edward Lee – Founder, COLFinancial
3. Rex Mendoza – CEO & President, PhilAm Life
4. Benedict Hernandez – President, Accenture
5. Jon Escoto – President, Leadlife, Feast Builder
6. Larry Gamboa, Ph.D. – Author, Think Rich Pinoy
7. Randy Manaloto – President, CityDorms Corp.
8. Jomar Hilario – Internet Marketing Guru
9. Dean Pax Lapid – 8 Successful Businesses
10. Ronnie Siasoyco – Founder, Trion
11. Miriam Quiambao – Actress and Former BeautyQ

And many more guest speakers!!!

If you are excited enough just as I am about this event, make sure to mark your calendars!!! Here are the important details:

Event: Wealth Summit 2013
Dates: March 1 & 2, 2013, March 3 (optional; add Php 3,975.00)
Venue: Philippine Int'l Convention Centre (PICC)
Ticket Prices: Php 10,975.00 (Special Early Bird Price), Php 14,975.00 (until January 31, 2013 only), Php 19,975.00 (starting February onwards)
Payment: BDO, BPI and Metrobank

You are maybe skeptical about this thinking about the expensive investment. But here’s my blow, how much does an iPhone costs? Php 30,000, right? And you have one in your hands. If you are looking forward and concerned enough for your future then you shouldn’t miss this event.

This seminar is one of a kind, truly informative and mind-blowing. See you there! Have a brighter future, millionaires!


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