Delayed Gratification VS Instant Gratification


Lately I went to a telecom company in a mall and bought a post-paid plan. A lot of people were there falling in line, waiting their number to be called and with faces excited to own smartphones and gadgets.

I was planning to buy Smart’s Pocket Wi-Fi through Plan 599. Yes, a Wi-Fi gadget. Not a smartphone. And I still have my old Nokia phone with me while others have their latest gadgets.

While we were talking with the agent, I was offered with other plans. And guess what, iPhone 5!

I was mind-computing. Good debt or bad debt? Cost Benefit Analysis. My hands were sweating. I was excited! Not to brag but modestly, I could afford that plan. However, I changed my mind. I chose the pocket Wi-Fi. Thanks, my sanity was functioning.

Sometimes I feel a tinge of envy when I see someone holding a touch-screen phone, playing apps and having a luxury in typing a message instead of the conventional keypad that is hard to press.

Instant Gratification

Some people are impulsive by nature. And I don’t blame them. Whenever they want something, they must acquire it immediately. As in now! They have this high momentum to get that something they want. It’s good if that something they want is not a biggie. But it actually is!

And that’s the downside. Everything that we want is often a luxury, not a necessity! And you know what, luxurious objects are damn expensive! Right?

Think about it – iPhone, BMW, Louis Vuitton, Tag Heuer. These are all luxury items. And the cost is the price to pay for the luxury! This would cost me a fortune to buy all of these! So why do I talk about this? 

Because some of us are investing on these luxurious yet DEPRECIATING items! These maybe expensive. Very expensive. But guess what after 1 week, the price depreciates its value! Now, is that considered an investment? Not at all!

Delayed Gratification

Most of you know of this but I’m pretty sure this is the principle of business magnates. Instead of investing on luxury items, a wise investor spends his money in Assets. No, not gadgets. Not bags. Not cars. Not watches. Jewelry, maybe.

Why? Jewelries are appreciating assets. A wise investor invests in assets that can provide a substantial income. A steady cash flow that can make them afford all the things that they want – maybe a luxury item!

So the ultimate goal therefore is to invest in ASSETS. When these assets are providing cash flow, you can afford all the luxury items the world can offer!

You know now why I chose the pocket Wi-Fi. I want to be a serious internet marketer. And to be such I need to invest for internet connection. And as soon as I can earn on this venture, only then that I will buy a luxury item.
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