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How To Open An Account with COLFinancial


So you’ve made up your mind already? Ready to get started? Else, check out my post on Top 3 Things to Consider When Investingin the Stock Market or the Stock Market Introduction before you proceed. You must have the conviction and be committed before doing this. I warn you. You might regret if you dive directly without testing the waters.

In this post I will show you how to get started in online stock trading thru the multi-awarded and most acclaimed stock market broker COLFinancial.

No, I am not connected with COLFinancial nor an affiliate of this website. I am just recommending something that I personally use so that I can provide valuable information based on experience, not from anyone else.
So here’s the step-by-step guide on opening your COLFinancial account:

      1. Choose your investment plan. You can have the Easy Investment Program (EIP) which has a minimum initial deposit of P5,000. Or you can have a Trading Account with a minimum initial deposit of P25,000.

     2. Download the Guidelines and the Application Form. (You must have an Adobe Reader to read the pdf files. Else, download the Adobe Reader here.

      3. Fill-up the application forms: (a) Customer Account Information Form [CAIF], (b) Specimen Signature Card and (c) Online Trading Securities Agreement. Use the Guidelines as your reference.

     4. After filling up, mail the Application form to COLFinancial together with the Additional Requirements: (a) Photocopy of 1 valid Philippine’s Gov’t-issued ID and (b) Billing Statement. (For foreign citizens, call 6-515-888 for further instructions). You can opt to mail thru LBC, Air21 etc. 

     Here’s the address:
2403-B , East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Pasig City 1605 Philippines

        5. A sales officer will contact you thru call or email confirming your application and for your COL account number.

        6. Fund your account. You may choose the following options:

(a)     Online Bills Payment thru
          BPI (
          BDO (
          MetroBank (

(b)     Over-the-counter Bills Payment thru BPI, BDO or 

(c)     Business Center Cashier

As soon as you can fund your account, your COL username and password will be emailed to you after 24 hours! You can start investing in the stock market!

If you want to have a test drive first, you can open a 7-day DEMO account or download the PSE Primer at Here’s the contact information of COLFinancial:

Hotline – 6-515-888
Fax – 636-3512

Ready? Aim! Fire! Earn!

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  1. Hey! Anyone who has their COLFinancial account already? Share your thoughts here ^^

  2. after mo mag invest nang 5k, magkano na monthly ihuhulog sa kanila?

  3. Athena, it is not required to do it monthly but the minimum that you can deposit is Php 1,000. If you deposit below P1,000, a service charge applies.

  4. meron po b rules if gusto mo n bawiin shares mo if di kumikita & pede mo ba encash earnings if ayaw mo ibili pa ng stock? tnk u

    1. No rules. You can buy or sell shares and you can withdraw your outstanding balance absolutely ANYTIME.

      But you can only withdraw your investment once you sell your shares.

      As an example, I sold my San Miguel (SMC) shares last time and withdrawn the money I earned from it :)

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