Top 3 Reasons to Live Every Day


Sad. Depressed. Frustrated. Humans as we are, our emotions are in a roller coaster. Sometimes we are felicitated about a situation or sad about a thing that happened. But we can avoid the loneliness trap. Here are the top 3 reasons why we should live each day.

Every Day Is A Blessing

Indeed! The fact that we are able to open our eyes and wake up is a great blessing! There is still hope. There’s still a chance to make up what we had lost and what we have failed to do. Stand in front of the mirror and smile. I am alive! I am still alive! If others survive with less in life, why couldn’t I?

I may not have the best in life, but I am not the worst of the kind. I am special. I am unique! And because of my uniqueness no words could ever deflate my ego. No one can ever stomp me. I am proud of who I am! There is no other person like me! I am the best of who I am!

Every Day Is An Opportunity

We are given a chance to live life more. To experience the things that we haven’t tried, or to engage in something that we ought to do but we simply had no courage to start doing. I have the courage now. I am stronger than before!

Opportunity is a vital ingredient of luck. There is no such thing as pure luck. Luck is the readiness to grab whenever opportunity comes.

We should make ourselves ready. We must be ready. Opportunity is just lurking everywhere. We may not know it. But it randomly visits to someone anytime. So we must be ready. Stand and say, “Opportunity, I am ready! Just visit me today and I’ll be glad to accept you!”

Every Day Is A New World

It is time to make new friends, new discoveries, new habit, new hobby, new career and new life. We may be living in ages. But when we live life like we are a new-born babies every day, it’s different.

We get more excited. There’s so much to explore. There’s so much to learn. And it’s like every day is a resurrection. We never died.

But being new every single day brings enthusiasm. Life is not meant to be pondered on. We are meant to live! To live is to experience the beauty of the sunrise, to smell the scent of rosemary, to sip fresh coconut juice, to savor the succulent apple and to nibble on the rich taste of back ribs.


Being anxious is to be being human. We have emotions. And our emotion is the enormous part of being human. Feel the emotion. Savor it. Weep on it. Laugh on it.

For we will never know how it feels like when we don’t give in to our emotions. But don’t let emotion influence you. Emotions are made to be short. Ephemeral. Temporary.

To emote is natural. But to become emotional is immature. Worry less. Look forward. There’s so much out there. You just don’t see it yet. You might miss the diamonds while you are busy collecting stones. We are walking not by sight, but with faith. God bless you my friend! 


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