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You Don’t Need to be Warren Buffett to Invest in Stock Market


Not long ago when I opened my online trading account, my officemate cringed at me saying, “What? You have a trading account? Are you an expert on that?” I didn’t answer to end the conversation.

You know, the more you talk, the worse it gets. The thing is, skeptics and hypocrites are the ones who always comment on everything.
Worse, they don’t empower you at all. They tend to infect others through their crippling comments that paralysis you to move on something you seem is the best thing to do.

So that’s what I did. I did not say a word. I only smiled and thought, perhaps he’s right and maybe he’s wrong. He’s right in a way that I am not an expert in stock trading. I admit that. Gosh, who is? And maybe he’s wrong.

Why? Because even though I’m not an expert, that WON’T STOP me at all. And I tell you, COLFinancial’s trading interface is easy.

I never tried their demo account. I never researched anything about their trading platform. What prompted me to make a move is, it was recommended by Bro. Bo Sanchez. He trade stocks through COLFinancial. And even his maids and drivers invest on it too! So why shouldn’t I?

Now my account is good and I earn a bit. But my earnings are higher than investing it in banks. Savings account? You will earn roughly 1% per annum. Stock market? An astounding 10 – 20%!

You don’t really need the knowledge of Warren Buffett to start. You don’t have to be a stockbroker either. COLFinancial will provide a Daily Investment Guide that you can refer what stocks to buy on a certain day. And you don’t need a huge amount to start investing. Why? Because at Php5,000 you can already open an account. Easy, eh? Read my other post on opening an account.


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