Passion or Occupation?


Every single day. Every single hour. Every single minute. I keep on thinking about this question. Pondering. Reflecting. Deciding. Why do we have to work? Why do we have to exert strenuous efforts for us to live? Passion or occupation?

It seems I am complaining. Why not live comfortably without external interventions? Why do we have to have what we don't even need? Why is this emotion dragging us to something vain? To something unworthy? Temporary.

Do we have to do this for a long time? Is there a better way? If you are given a chance to work 200% of your time, skills & talent NOW, and do nothing for the rest of your life onward, would you?

If you know how to do this, why are you not doing it? What hinders you from fulfilling what you like to do? Do you even know what you want?

Is it really what you want? That if you get it and die the next day you're still okay? Would you do everything, anything to get it? Even if your career, reputation, family or friends is/are at stake? How badly do you want it? Is it your obsession? Is it the only way?

If there's another option would you grab the second one and leave it? What is your reason of wanting it? Is it morally good? Is it normal? Are you feeling good right now? Are you inspired? Or drowsy? Sleepy?

If there's no other time to act but now, would you? If someone tells you to invest P10,000 and your life is secured forever, would you give your money? If money is not a necessity, would you still DO what you are doing RIGHT NOW?

Simple but powerful questions for deeper inner assessment. Whenever I feel down, I use this self-provoking questions over and over again. This way, I could be able to see myself entirely and reach to a better decision. How about you, have you tried this one already?

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