How to HIT Deadlines!


Hey fellas! So here's the catch. One of my subscribers was complaining about himself stating, he couldn't get the job done immediately. His boss was kinda mad at him because given the free time, he seemed to be not moving and taking advantage of long time-frame.

Now he's asking, "Is this dilemma a phenomenon? Is there a science/explanation behind this?"

Don't get me wrong. I know you have tried this already. Say, your boss or someone else asked you to do a certain job. You have two weeks to do this, that's what he said.

Wow, two weeks for a pretty easy job? That's preposterous, you thought. So you did not start the job immediately. After 2 days you thought there's still more time and that job doesn't seem to last long. That report is just "peanuts" for me, you said to yourself.

Five days passed and you haven't moved anything. Now you started to think differently - I should start it now, you thought.

So there you are. You started doing that project and it seemed fine. However, after 2 hours, you still haven't written a single word on your report! Weird! How come I couldn't think well? Am I getting high? I'm not taking drugs, you thought.

Why is my mind wandering around the bush? Why couldn't I concentrate? You were shocked. No ideas. Nothing to write. Nothing in your mind. Unconditioned.

So all the clutters and trash in your desk were wiped out. You locked yourself inside a room, you did not answer any calls and you had a couple of coffee - just to FOCUS on what you're doing.

But there is really something strange going around, you noticed. Why can't I concentrate? Why am I running out of ideas? You are taking Parkinson's Law against you!

What is Parkinson's Law exactly? For God's sake, this is way different from Parkinson's disease. It is a notion that states, work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

In its simplest sense, work adjusts to time availability. Or is it really the work that adjusts or the person itself? Parkinson’s disease is a disease of the brain characterized by muscular rigidity, slow and imprecise movement. It’s like an oldie, eh?

So what are the symptoms of being a “victim” of Parkinson's Law? The person could not think well. He would be out of his mind. I mean, he loses focus and appetite to get things going. Maybe he’s facing the computer but his mind is on extreme sports.

He might be thinking like how to backflip dirtbikes. Yes. I have already tried that. Instead of thinking improvements on my project, I was thinking about drum lessons. Beat that!

So what could be the possible solution to this? Use Parkinson's Law to your advantage. How? Example: You have a project due in 3 weeks. That's way too long, right? Here are the steps for a better execution.

Assess the complexity of the project

Have a glimpse of the project. What are the items needed? How long would it take to finish each item? One day? Two days? You will have a general idea for the duration and you can set aside productive days already.

Plan your working schedule

Since you already know the duration of each item, you have to plan efficiently for proper scheduling. Is it okay if I'll just go on a drinking spree tonight and work on it the day after tomorrow? Think about instant and delayed gratification.

How about I go mall-hopping the whole day and work on the project overnight? Whatever! As long as you are comfortable with your sked, there's nothing wrong to it. What matters is still RESULTS. Right?


Perhaps the most difficult of all. The first two steps are pointless if in the end you don't execute it well. If you keep on procrastinating, chances are you'll never make it. A plan is only good if it is followed step-by-step. So if based on your sked you have to make your project today, do it. If not, toss it away!

So that's it. Pretty simple but not easy. When it seems like you're stuck in the middle of nowhere and you are supposed to be Einstein, you're already a victim! Get out! Use it to your advantage :)

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