10 Songs that Pump Your Heart Out (PYHO)


When you feel like bored yet something's up to get done, you gotta check out these songs on my playlist. No, this is not limited to just "computer" works. You can listen to these songs that pump you up no matter what you're doing: washing your car, baking, fixing your broken faucet, reading and even intimate moments with your...you know it pumpkin-head!

So here's the list in the order of my preference. Watch via YouTube. Just click the link. Enjoy!

6. Stay - Tully on Tully
8. Life on the Nickel - Foster the People

If you are already familiar with these songs then you are a solid Indie artist fan. As a musical fanatic, I really don't mind the message/meaning of any song.

What I'm up to is the BEAT and the MUSICALITY - how the instruments are synchronized in a way that it's pleasant to the ears. When I love the music, it keeps on ringing in my head until I have a Last Song Syndrome (LSS).

I simply like these songs because it sounds so upbeat and funky - it makes you feel like you're on Cloud 9, euphoria and you're butt naturally wiggles without you knowing it. That is my definition of Pump Music.

If you have any suggestions, comment below for us to review your bet!


  1. Yeahh.. the melody/musicality does contribute to the overall package and that to me is "icing" on the cake. The message of the song is to me "the cake" - it is the emotional effect that makes a song truly relevant to the listener. No wonder why most songs nowadays just fade with time - it could be that most can just offer something for the eyes/ears and not for stomach/heart :-)

    1. Hi Jamaica! Yeah you're right but the genre that suits best to our topic is Indie Pop. A song's message maybe relevant (in some instances) but not when (like I cited) you're doing physical activities especially if you don't have the juice to do these things. Thanks for dropping by! :)

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