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THL W100 - Cheapest Quad-Core Phone


Looking for a phone that is worth investing? Last month I bought a smartphone (THL W100) and it took 7 days to deliver the package in the office. As expected, I had it on my hands: a Quad-core, 4.5 inch screen, Android 4.2 phone with 8mp main and 5mp front camera!

For the past months, I've been searching for a jam-packed smartphone loaded with features that suit my needs. What makes the search more challenging is to look for a phone less than Php10,000.

Since this is my threshold, I must not spend more than this else I would toss it up. I thought it's rarely possible. But I was wrong. Mainstream brands that dominate the smartphone industry include Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Nokia and LG.

If you want a cheaper one there's MyPhone and Cherry Mobile. Yeah, they're not that good but it's worth the price.

A Gem In the Acre of Mud

After a thorough research and reading of reviews, I came to a site that got me upside down. It seemed like I found a gem in the acre of mud!

I was amazed with the bunch of phones that look so good yet the price is really affordable. That was my first thought. However, I did not give in after a second thought. Scam! I cringed.

I almost got away with it but I never did. It seemed too good to be true. And I'll truly hate myself later if I won't take a shot with that deal. So what I did is I read a lot of reviews about the site and the phones they sold.

But what about the delivery? The seller is located somewhere in China! I'm in the Philippines. What, China? Yeah, after a week that phone will be busted!

How could I be so sure that they will deliver my order? What if the phone is defective? What would I do?

It pays to do a research first before you make a deal. So I Google the website and read all the reviews about it. And guess what, satisfaction range is between 95% - 100%!

I often read reviews that says, "Thank you 'Company' for a great product! I received my phone in just 3 days!"

And what makes it more convincing is that the customers are from Europe and US! Also, their products have 1 year guaranteed warranty!

"But that is made in China!", you might argue. So does iPhone! Check out the back cover and you will see. It is designed in California but made in China. "So what could go wrong?", I pondered. 

"Why not!?", I thought. So I got up my ass and head to the website to search for a phone. There are really lot of phones to choose from. I was so excited that I nearly told my friends about it.

But I didn't! After a week or so, I finally decided to buy my preferred phone. The brand is THL W100. It costs $160 or simply Php6,400 ($1 = P40). I paid $15 for the shipping thru FedEx so total cost is $175 or Php7,000.


After 7 days of excitement, my package finally arrived in the office! Unfortunately I was out on a business trip.

So when my officemate called out that there's a package for me, I requested her to receive it and immediately emailed her the authorization letter. I was relieved. Euphoria!

But suddenly my officemate got an alarming call. She told me I have to pay Php2,500 to FedEx! I almost fell on my seat. She said I have to pay immediately else the package will not be given.

Since she didn't have enough money either, I called the rest of my officemates until it reached Php2,500. Wew, money-pooling!

When I returned to the office, I didn't open the package yet. Instead, I searched for the receipt to see what P2,500 charge is for. After reading, I learned that the damn charges is for taxes and customs fees. WTF!

I googled about the charges and later I knew that it is really the policy and regulations of Customs here in Philippines to charge taxes and fees of packages received from other country.

However, this practice is NOT applicable in other countries! They don't charge anything at all! Oh, so it's really MORE FUN in the Philippines for Customs!

Anyways, the emotion was gone when I opened the package and held the phone that I waited so long. Full specs is listed below :) Here are the original-size pictures that I got using my phone.

THL W100 Full Specs 

  • 4.5 inch, 960 x 540, 5 point multi-touch IPS display 
  • Android 4.2 
  • 1.2GHz MTK6589 quad-core CPU 
  • PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU 
  • 8MP Rear Camera + 5MP Front-Facing Camera 
  • RAM: 1GB 
  • Dual-SIM 
  • 3G: WCDMA: 850/2100MHz 
  • 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 
  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n 
  • GPS 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Full support for Google Play 
  • Micro SD Card Slot 
  • Proximity Sensor 
  • Accelerometer Sensor 
  • Light Sensor 
  • Magnetic Field Sensor 

P.S. Just so if you want to check the website, here's the link http://bit.ly/12iPGkn
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