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You Are Complaining, Others Are Not


Fed up. Satiated. Tired. Pessimistic as it may seem, I know these are not the right words. Sad but true, whether we like it or not these really happens at some point of our lives. It's like reaching to a point where you get overwhelmed with the things around you.

The office you used to stay is no longer conducive; office-mates don't look interesting at all; the food you eat tastes like a simple dough and it sucks going to and fro the office everyday.

All this stuff sucks, right? While this may be right, I don't agree to a greater extent. Yes I agree that it's considered a suffering. An illness that needs to be healed. Nevertheless, wouldn't you believe that it's not the worst case? Would you?

There are countless reasons to cherish the moment and savor the beauty of life, I realized. And here are some that makes you feel "more" blessed than anyone else.

You may not be Donald Trump nor Bill Gates. But that is quite too far. It's never too late. And I do believe that age is not a restraining factor. All is possible. Being old is a state of mind. Nothing gets old but our minds.

1. We often complain about our job. Imagine the vendors in the public market. They never get tired of their customers. Their shirts are wet with sweat screaming for customers under the bright sun. Now isn't that MORE exhausting? And you, sitting on your desk facing the computer screen on a fully air-conditioned room. How's that?

2. We mumble with our income. You already gave what you can do. Peak Performance. Excellent results. Yet your boss didn't recognize or simply cannot offer you a promotion. Depressing? How about a blind masseur. Can he complain why he is blind? Will he be given a chance to SEE just before he falls asleep eternally? While he doesn't have a chance, you do!

3. Self-pity. You don't have much than anyone else. You noticed that your friend went to Paris for a vacation, had shopping and bought a Louis Vuitton bag. Yet you are still holding an old shoulder bag. The point is, you are comparing just one person. Remember the Pareto's Law, the 80/20 Rule? If translated, that means 80% of the global population owns just 20% of the total wealth. Vice-versa, 20% owns the staggering 80% of wealth! The question is, are you the least-fortunate destitute? I can guarantee, NO!

The fact that you are reading this means you're lucky enough to navigate a computer. Think of Sudan famine. Africa. Villagers are just "skin and bones" yet they still survive.

4. 8 hours of office work plus unpaid homework. Stress! But what about lifting cement bags and hollow blocks? Bending metal bars and shoveling hard sand? Nothing's more energy-draining than being a construction worker.

Yes they only work strictly on fixed hours. But what about the strenuous work? Imagine the energy, electrolytes and muscles bent because of their job. While you, just purely sitting and mind-work.

5. Small house. No improvements yet. Go to the city. Take a look at homeless families. They sleep on streets. Pushcarts. No pillows. Cold. They eat left-overs thru dump-diving. Gross. While you are sleeping comfortably under the roof. Isn't that relieving?
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