Why Experience is Not the Worst Teacher


Antagonists say that experience is the worst teacher, well not me. This is a bias judgment and the greatest disabler of human curiosity. Imagine telling this to a young child and watch his reaction. What could we expect?

He would definitely avoid an experience. The word "experience" denotes a negative connotation that is instilled to the lad's mind making him feel averse of new experiences, not to try other things that nobody dares to do.

But don't get me wrong, all experiences are good.

The effects of this is not that apparent and the after-effects are even more plaguing. Here's an example based on a real life story of my friend.

My friend's parents were married at an early age: her father at 21 and her mother at 18 years old. They were blessed at first. They loved each other and they have four lovely children. But not until the 25th year that her parents suddenly separated!

The reason - her mom gave birth to a son from another guy. Depressing.

When the extended family (her uncles, aunts) came in to probe about the issue, they found out that the reason why her (my friend) mother left them is because she didn't love her husband anymore and she didn't want to live like a nanny - taking care of children and staying at home all the time. She wanted to go out with her young friends to party like there's no tomorrow.

In a wider perspective, there are are many possible reasons why she had done that decision. However, one of the most probable reasons (which her uncles and aunties also agreed), is because her mom haven't passed through the post-teenager stage. When she got married at the age of 18, what she did was all motherly tasks and activities.

While other women at this age go travelling around the country making friends and exploring their womanhood, her mother was already breastfeeding the baby.

The problem can be attributed to the early motherhood of her mom. Instead of exploring one's self at an early age and marry at the right time, her mother did the opposite.

What I am trying to say is that, the more experiences that you have the lesser the chances of activities to recur when life tends to be serious. Thus, it is better to start with self-discovery at first and then move on to another stage.

Good or bad experiences, there is no exception. For as long as you tried something illegal yet you know how to get out, there's nothing wrong but ALL the risk is in you! It's kinda similar to my previous blog post - Once Tasted, Always Wanted, where I unearthed the whole meaning of the short phrase.

Experience is like a coffee. It is best served in the morning. One should be open to new experiences for this will mold us into perfect US. To try things at an early age is an advantage because you will have an idea what and how it feels like and your learning is growing with your age. Hence, experiencing more things is a wise move!

Similarly, in the context of investing, people who are exposed to investing at an early age has a far greater advantage than those ones who learn at early 20's or even 30's. Conclusively, learning is effective at an early age.

I often hear people stating the exact age when to start a certain endeavor. Yes, this is possible but the learning curve is greater. That is why I encourage everyone to learn investing as early as NOW or not later than this MOMENT!
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