4 Reasons Why I Don't Like Budgeting


I have written several posts in this blog but never did I write a single article about budgeting. It seems like counter-intuitive since this is meant to be a personal finance blog - budgeting, investments, savings articles, should be the topic.

Budgeting is closely synonymous to Saving. It is the process of proper allocation of resources to ensure each liability, expense or savings will be satisfied according to plan.

Although savings is just an aspect of budgeting, it is still the same. To budget is like saving the money for proper allocation - no unplanned spending or excess outlay for expenses.

Here are the four (4) reasons why I don't like budgeting.

It limits your creativity

To spend lesser than what you earn closes one's mind to look for a better way of earning more to obtain one's goals and dreams in life. Budgeting constricts the elasticity of our mind to seek for a definitive solution.

What about saving money for capital of future business? Still invalid. Capital is not a problem these days but creativity. There are a lot of ways to raise money: angel investors, venture capitalists, relatives, friends, Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Quirky, cooperatives or even banks. Note that banks is the last priority of obtaining a capital. It has the highest interest rate of loans!

It kills your desire

You will be satisfied with the status quo. If you budget, chances are you will get used with what you practice and no longer aim for other things. If you can survive with what you are currently earning, why struggle to earn more?

This could be the worst justification of all if you keep on budgeting. If your original plan is to become a business magnate, odds are greater that you will just be contented of being a production worker all your life when you are already satisfied with your current job, earnings and properties.

Inhibits you to enjoy life

Budgeting is the best test of discipline. You know how hard it is to budget. For me it's a pain in the ass. Instead of spending what you earn for what you want, you tend to set aside some portion of your money for saving, for slow investments.

It evokes self-pity

To limit one's spending will likely trigger self-pity. Instead of having things that can make you happy, why limit yourself to something that doesn't give value to you at all? While others are happy, you are self-castigating to the point of being discouraged in the long haul.


Budgeting is NOT really bad at all granting all of these conditions are present:
1. It is not a limiting factor to obtain what you need and what you want to have/do
2. A part of your earnings is spent on fast investments to gain a significant interest and keep up with inflation
3. There is a continual improvement of one's income

Rather than budget or limit your spending, why not increase your income?
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