Sonic Carnival 2013 - Steve Aoki Live in Manila (Pre-Concert Review)


I am a certified music lover and I idolize artists that always keep my body wiggling. Looking back, my evolution started from Slow Rock to Alternative to Punk Rock to Metal to Hard Metal to Reggae to Ska to Indie and now to EDM. These genres are my addiction ever since and sometimes I toggle from one genre to another depending on my mood.

Please check my other post on sonic carnival 2013 post-concert review.

The reason is simple: Electronic dance music (EDM) is upbeat and gets your body on the move! Whenever I feel lonely, or when I'm gardening, or when I'm at work striking the keyboard, or when I'm smashing the birdie, I listen to EDM.

Though I'm not that good in dancing, I feel like a Jabbawockeez dancer every time I hear the sound of EDM. And when talking about EDM, there's only one artist that I look up to - Steve Aoki.

He is the artist that popularizes the best EDM (for me) ever! If you don't know him, try listening to his best hits Boneless and No Beef. Surely, you'll feel like you're having the best rhythmic party of your life! (The title itself is party-like)

Fortunately though, he's going to have a concert live in Manila on December 07, 2013 (tomorrow) at SM Mall of Asia Grounds, Manila! And guess what, I'll be attending! I never really liked watching concerts because of possible stampede (and of course the price of tickets) and low quality of sound system.

Thus, I preferred tuning in to iTunes to have a perfect mix of the instruments for me to appreciate real music. However, I drastically changed my mind the moment I heard that Steve Aoki will be having a concert in SM MOA!

For sure we'll be having a good time. I will write a review of the concert experience on my next post. For those comin' over, see you in SM MOA Grounds!
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