Sonic Carnival 2013 - Steve Aoki Live in Manila (Post Review)

Dubbed as the "Feast of Music", the event started at 2:00 pm on a gray sky Saturday afternoon at the Concert Grounds of SM Mall of Asia, Manila. We were planning to get into the crowd at the onset of the party but due to some unfathomable reason, we failed. Nevertheless, still it was all worth it. What we were after for was the finale of best House artists - Laidback Luke and Steve Aoki.

Alternative local bands jump-started the party with their screeching guitars and bombastic drums. Along with Urbandub, several bands were there to beat that lazy dusk and turned it into a musical yard full of beats.

These bands were Up Dharma Down, Razorback, Yolanda Moon, Hidden Nikki, Ring Master and Pulso.

As the sun was about to be devoured by the sky, local DJ's tossed out the drums and brought in the turntable to begin the real house party. Republiq DJ's like Ace Ramos, Mars Miranda, Martin Pulgar and other famous club DJ's Deuce Manila, Funk Avy, Katsy Lee and MC Roda King set the tone for the house party. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to see them perform live.

When the crowd was already warmed up (courtesy of our local club DJ's), foreign DJ's stepped onto the platform to begin the "wildest" party.

As we entered the House fortress, we witnessed Martin Pulgar (local DJ) playing the table. DJ Henrix continued the beat with its fine remixes that made the party people groove.

My group and I were all warmed up, indeed! Not only did the DJ's make us dance but the crowd as well full of hot ladies on their micro shorts!

It was not just a battle of DJ's but of ladies-with-the-shortest-shorts as well. Boom! But who's the winner? Sonic Carnival must have a contest next year on 2014.

At exactly 11:30 pm, Laidback Luke entered the stage and the best party ever began. All I've seen were people jumping with their hands in the air. And so did I.

What I appreciated about Laidback Luke is his "clean" remixes of pop songs that will make you sing along while doing the rave dance moves. It was amazing and I truly like his DJ'ing style.

However, few minutes later I checked out the time and it was 12:00 midnight. "Where's Steve Aoki?", I asked. So our friend was right. She said Steve Aoki's gonna come out at 1:00 am. And so he did!

Before he started performing, there was a robotic voice over saying few lines with the last word, " Aye------ohhh-----keyyyyyy" Spotlights on and he started shouting!

He never failed me. As an avid fan, I only waited for his two famous tracks - Boneless and No Beef. The former was his third track and the latter was played on the later part since many are more familiar with it than the former. I never knew exactly what to do.

Should I shout? Dance? Or sing? Or take a vid? I did all! But one thing made me amused. When Boneless was played, not so many were raving unlike when he played No Beef. Imagine like you were the only one dancing and shouting for joy while the crowd around you just watched him play. I didn't care at all lol

What made Steve Aoki more famous in concerts than other DJ's is his engagement to the audience. Try to read Steve Aoki in Wikipedia and it is explicitly stated that Steve Aoki is widely known for his crowd surfing (passing of person overhead through the crowds' hands) stunts, throwing cake at fans, spraying champagne bottles and riding rafts on the crowd! Now that makes him wild and FUN!

And he did all these acts during the concert! And he even performed these twists during a lazy part of the track so that the audience won't feel bored and drowsy. Strategic!


I never really considered attending a concert again because the past concerts I had was boring. I tend to yawn and decided to go home because it made me think about my things-to-do. Not with Steve Aoki.

I attended a once-in-a-lifetime wild party (although I'm planning to attend Tomorrowland in 2020).

Sometimes, we need to go out in our comfort zone and try to experience what's on the outside. Creativity is triggered by what we don't see often and that becomes our inspiration in the future.

Let whatever makes us happy be our sole quest but always remember JuanInvestor's tagline, "Get more with less!" So how did I apply this? I bought this concert ticket 25% cheaper than the regular price! :)
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