Adventure at Cebu Zipline Doce Pares

To conquer my fear is one of the best feelings I had. Knowing your own limits and overcoming them is worthwhile. True courage is when you don't allow fear cripple your capacity to do extraordinary things. Clearly, the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all. But there is really one solution to fear - mind conditioning.

On the 25th of January 2014, I experienced one of my scariest adventure of all. With the help of cable wires and karabiners, I was able to fly and glide over the hills to have a majestic view of the mountains and trees.

Priceless. Fearsome but worth it. In fact that was the first time I felt the true feeling of triumph - awesome and enthusiasm. Having able to overcome the fear is uncommon as I was used to live within my comfort zone. In reality, we only have two choices - do or do not.

At first I was skeptical. I knew I could back out anytime I wanted but I didn't. My reasons of pursuing the challenge was greater enough than my fears.

The excitement that rushed through my veins and bones were dragging me to the platform. What else could I reason out not to take the challenge? Our venomous mind should be controlled.

If only braincuffs were available, I could have leashed my negative mind. I tell you, the real buffer to fear is mind conditioning - convince your mind it's not scary; that the result will always be reversible.

Easier said than done. But here's my actual example on the verge of ziplining.

I learned in the past about karabiners, cables and harness since I was able to try wall climbing, pamper pole and other outdoor sports when I was in high school.

I knew how strong the gears are. It's strength is almost invincible that failure is near to impossible. For karabiners, it has a capacity to withstand a ton (10,000 kg) of weight! I only weigh 64 kg.

The cable wire is a strong material and it is capable MORE than 100 times of your weight! Moreover, not a single zipline accident ever happened in that park. With strong conviction, my negativity gave in and thought, "Of course I wouldn't allow to be the 1st failure here!" So I flied and enjoyed the gust. 

For P250, I flew out in thin air and spread my arms like Superman for 400 meters. The price was worth it. Of course, I never forgot to bring with me my smartphone to capture the breathtaking eagle's view.

Cebu Zipline claimed to be the longest zipline in Cebu. Too bad other amenities were not available that time. Cebu Zipline is located in Malubog, Cebu City near the Baguio-like weather in Busay.

It is 30 minutes away from Apas, Lahug and you can ride a motorcycle going there at Php50 head. You can also contact them to avail their car service good for 10 pax at P500. Here's their contact details.

Facebook Page : Cebu Zipline
Address : Malubog, Busay, Cebu City
Contact Number : (032) 344 3028 
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