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My Best Real Estate Lessons


In my early years, I was struggling to find a job that I love. When I asked myself what I wanted, there was no response. I knew I had something in my heart. But my shallow consciousness could not fathom my deepest thoughts or my inner voice was like a soft whisper that I couldn't hear.

For months, I waited so that I could finally came up with what I wanted to do with my life. Perhaps I was so caught up with the notion that while some people's creative juices came out when squeezed, mine was otherwise.

I believed that my ideas pop out when I'm relaxing, chilling out, having a shower or some sort of luxury stuff. Days passed. Instead of coming up with a decision, I was into watching TV all day and listening to music. And you know what, NO IDEAS and NO DECISIONS were ever created. My theory was wrong.

While I was reading Zig Ziglar's book, I was struck and so did I make up my mind that day. The book was about selling. He says, "The highest paying job in the world is selling. And the lowest paying job in the world is selling."

Intimidating but challenging. Until then I changed my previous theory. I will act no matter what and wait if it works out or not. I was cynical at first but after that day I started as a real estate agent.

Fast forward (immediately), I failed with my first selling career. I haven't sold any. Here's the best lessons I learned with the stint:

1. Networking is the best business asset. You may have all the great ideas and funding but if you do not know how to build a strong connection with your customers, NADA.

2. Strangers will be your best friends. They will not judge you or say anything that could hurt you. That is because they do not know you (in the first place). If first impression's great enough, they will become your customers - BUYERS!

3. Selling is tactical. There are really no perfect plans in selling houses. In time, strategies will be acquired that could be used in future interactions with strangers. Until then, rinse and repeat.

4. Be with the best. If you are with the topseller agent, you know you are in good hands. Though not all would easily divulge their secrets, some lessons are acquired unspoken. They inspire and you will be motivated to be like him.

I consider these as best lessons because I was once an agent. Although I have failed once, still I am considering to give a shot some other time. This truly is rewarding.
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