Rice Cooker Spaghetti

Lazy Saturday afternoon and I got nothing to do. I checked out my task manager - Any.do in my phone and noticed that all are indoor tasks. I’ll be stuck here all day after Valentine’s, I thought. But no problem, I could bear with books and music. And food!

Would have been a same old meal but I remembered something – I got ground beef and tomato sauce! Spaghetti time! But oh, here’s the challenge. I’ll be cooking spaghetti with a handicap – no burner, stove, gas range, etc. but RICE COOKER!

I preferably like red sauce spaghetti than the ogre burger. Although not all the time but I usually crave for pasta than buns. To vagabonds who don’t have any but a rice cooker, here’s what I did. Very simple :)

1. Boil water (with a tablespoon of oil and pinch of salt) and cook the pasta. Note: Do not overcook the pasta. Else it becomes a larger rendition of MISUA! lol

2. Transfer the cooked pasta to a bowl and prepare the spices to have your very own SAUCE. Here I used onions, garlic, sweet basil and oregano.

3. Add a table spoon of oil and cook the ground beef.

4. Add the spices and cooked hotdogs.

5. Add the tomato sauce and feel the aroma

6. Simmer to taste and add the pasta!

7. Plate it nicely and GULP! Best served with ice-cold Coca-Cola

All in all, I only spent P178! If I eat this alone, I’ll be eating this worm-like stuff for 2 days (for me) and it sure beats out more than enough my craving. In fact it’s too much lol. So, thinking of buying a burner to cook your favorite pasta? Think again. If it’s just occasional, better yet utilize what you have.

Note: The rice cooker will simply "Cook" if you are cooking something that has enough weight. The "Warm" function will take over if what you're cooking is soul-less, very light food.

P.S. Sure there are other fun stuffs to do with your hardworking rice cooker. Still the advertisement’s tagline holds true, “Imagination mo ang limit!”
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