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4 Benefits of Roadrunning


I wouldn't be proud of this but it's worth sharing. Today I put myself to a test: run for 5km right after work from residential house to the nearest mall in town. Fortunately, my alter ego did not react and voluntarily gave in. I was happy. And it was a success to control the other side of me.

I'm really sad about lazy and fat people because that only shows their lack of discipline and commitment when it comes to fitness and lifestyle.

One friend of mine is fond of food imagination that makes him hungry every time! Every single time. The aftermath is craving and ultimately, gulping to what he desires. Good thing if he is eating healthy, but sad to say, tons of oil and fatty foods are the apple of his eyes.

Road run has been my cup of tea since I started working. It has been very effective for me for a couple of years. Although I'm not running regularly, in fact I have badminton twice a week to compensate the missed miles.

My last road run was on January this year and that was tougher than now. Not bad since I'm back with the habit. No excuses. No what if's. No maybes.

Scientifically, running is good for our health. No questions about it. However, my experience has shown me a lot of benefits, far better than what science could explain. This is something personal but I believe this is in general.

It makes me a warrior

When I was running a half marathon (21km), I never thought I could make it to the finish line. The burden was too heavy for me to carry. There was no way that I'd forget how I was about to defecate in the middle of the marathon when I reached the turning point.

Not only that, my tummy hurt so badly due to excess water intake (greediness has the worst punishment ever). Also, I have blisters on my right toe and nipples due to friction with my shirt.

With strong conviction backed up with fear of failure, I reached the finish line - no walking. That experience made me brave to face future challenges. Think about the power of having no options. I was glad I was able to endure the discomfort inside me.

It controls my emotions

Whenever I feel down, running soothes my emotions and turns it into a happy-go-lucky state. The greatest part of this is the fulfillment in controlling the other side of you.

Oftentimes our emotions are so demanding. It doesn't settle until it gets what it wants. In this situation, it is often wise to think about delayed gratification to avoid getting trapped on instant gratification.

Through running, my mind is trained to be the chieftain, not the soldier.

Running takes me to a new dimension

Truly, it is in running where ideas are incubated. If only possible, I would bring a paper and a pen with me while running to write the idea proceedings.

It is undeniable though that you get distracted easily with the pain on your shoulders, a blister on your foot or thirst of water. Ignoring these extrinsic factors solves the issue and will take you to a whole new different dimension - the muse for creativity.

Optimism towards longevity

When you exercise, it makes you happy to think about the results of what you are doing. And that is exactly investing for health and longevity. Fitness takes time and there's no easy way around to keep you alive and kicking for the couple of decades.

We already know that exercise translates to longer life and that means more time with your partner, family and friends. We only live once so better nurture ourselves for a happy tomorrow.

To add, being conscious about health doesn't mean no oil and fat intake at all. Consciousness is being aware of what you are eating and doing. Thus, it is normally right to dive into guilty pleasures but the key there is control: quantity, variety and frequency.

I strongly support the idea of "cheat day" for people on a diet. It gives someone the seldom taste of freedom after days of hard work.
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