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The Art of Naivety


Too much worry of something kills, seriously. Poverty and death may be the most common examples but it doesn't end there. Small things that are really not bothering, can bother us in a distractive way. It is a matter of perspective.

Whether a hot gadget we desperately want, a never-ending project, unfaithful partner or a backbiter office mate, it can greatly affect us deep inside. Worst part is when we envelop ourselves with an issue for a long time. 

Sometimes it pays to be naive - ignore things and let it happen when it has to. Being passive is not really a good idea however using this tactic is the only workaround to avoid the trap. Diversion is a good strategy.

The way I see it though, at present, is that our youth tend to divert their attention by introducing a stimulus - alcohol, drugs, to name a few. To some it is effective. But remember, one wrong doesn't make the other wrong thing right.

Being naive is inherent in me. Sometimes it is working against me but in crucial situations, I appreciate my skill. It helped me a lot most of the time. Because of being naive, no hurting words were said, no self-depression (I hope not), no aggressive attacks made and no bickering with friends. Unaffected. Passive. Dormant. Here's what I think about when I get caught emotionally.

1. We will all die, enjoy while still alive.

Chameleons are everywhere and we don't know who they are. You lied and you've been lied; They're up there and you're still on the ground, but remember, nothing will be brought when you die. No one is an exemption. Material things decompose, decay and rut but our souls. Enjoy and do good things to everyone.

2. Words doesn't make you a lesser person.

Someone may have said something that hurt you. So what. True or not, it does not define your life there and then. You can always change anytime and achieve great happiness than everyone else. Bad words can be disposed easily from one ear to another. Don't keep it. Karma will always be there and yes it exists.

3. Luxury is just an illusion, it doesn't last long.

The luxury fulfillment is ephemeral. The experience may truly be one of a kind but the essential purpose is no nerve-wrecking.

4. Happiness lies within you.

Being happy is a how, not a what. It is how you see yourself, others and the world that defines how happy you are. Happiness is not defined by the things you achieve or net worth. The latter is just a result of happiness, not the cause.

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