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3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Blog

I A couple of friends asked me why I have a blog. Most of them were serious so I answered with modesty, "It's my outlet to express myself and to release my emotions." Surprisingly, the respond I always get is a nod of their heads.

I never knew (and don't want to find out) what their expression meant. I taught myself not to judge other people on their facial expressions or awkward responses. Overanalysis and reading other people's minds surely are ways to waste your time.

Upon self-examination, I found out these 3 cool benefits of having a blog and why you should start blogging too. While the initial plan is to monetize my blog, it has changed and have it as a bonus.

Three Benefits of Blogging

1. Writing a blog is a therapy

Since I've started this blog, I'm amazed with great things that happen to me unexpectedly. And I seriously love it. Every time I blog, all the tensions and burden in my mind are released. It makes me calm and happy.

I truly agree that sharing is caring. I blog about stock market investing, personal finance, self-help and travel. Ultimately, when you share you receive a tremendous blessing that you can't find somewhere else - happiness.

2. Blogging improves your communication skills

I don't have an English or Literature degree but I don't mind the handicap. The way I learned English back in primary and college is sufficient for me to communicate well.

Writing a blog hones my communication skills. The enthusiasm of putting your ideas into words is satisfying. Reading is the bread while blogging is the butter. While one is not dependent on the other, there really is nothing better than having both.

3. It feels good to be appreciated 

Setting aside hypocrisy, it is inherent in human beings to be appreciated for the things done to other people. Gratitude, affection and sympathy are priceless. A simple gratitude from someone who appreciates what you did is uplifting. However, not to a point of idolatry or obsession.

If you want to start a blog, check out my post on how to start a blog in 10 minutes.
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