Top 4 Factors to Consider Before Having a Loan


With the enormous rise of lending institutions and banking industries, taking a loan is just a matter of minutes. Before taking the plunge, there are 4 factors that you should consider before having a loan.
But you must take into account these 4 factors to consider before having a loan or you will blame yourself in the end.

The purpose must be a need or has a future value (FV) appreciation

Needs: house, car, education
FV: business, investment

iPhone is not a need, communication is. But you can simply have a cheaper phone to provide your communication needs. Likewise, BMW is not a need, travel is. And you can opt for a reliable Toyota without having any trouble. In any way, it will depreciate and is not worth for a loan.

Meanwhile, loans for business and investment are different. It doesn't guarantee a return but the potential payback outweighs the loan. Best example is a business loan. How about having a $5,000 loan, payable in one year with monthly installments of $480 but the potential income is $1,000 a month?

That would be $520 pure profit every month. That is considered an unlimited ROI since there is no cash outlay or No Money Down.

Affordable monthly payments

If the above condition is met, make sure you are capable of repaying your loan. The source fund of paying off the loan must be decided. Else, your credit rating will suffer. Bear in mind that the loan must not affect your savings, short-term plans and other monthly expenses/bills/loans.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is industry average

Most of us don't really mind how one loan could ruin us financially. Some loans would take 10 years to pay off and it really sucks.

By default, APR should not be more than 16%, else seek another lender. In most cases, banks' annual rate ranges from 12% - 16%. Choose the lowest. Just to give you a perspective, credit card interest rates at 3.5% per month. In a year that would be more than 40%!

If a loan really matters to you and couldn't afford to miss the opportunity, try to negotiate the APR and/or increase your monthly payments to shorten the term. Take note, the latter may affect your savings so assess it wisely.

Commit yourself to paying off the loan

Acquiring a loan is bliss but repaying is painful. Self-conviction is very important as it will make or break your credit standing. Bad credit standing will result to lesser chances of future loans from creditors.

Handle debts carefully. The purpose of the loan is reward; paying off the loan is the offering. So take it positively.
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