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Why Showing Off Causes the Greatest Infliction


Showing off causes infliction. I've been always stoical of all the stuff that I do and what I've been through. This has helped me almost all of the time and I consider this as one of my strengths. In fact I boldly accepted myself as being stoic and I'm proud to be one. Oh yeah I almost forget, I'm not showing off.
There are so many ways people show off. It is done either online or offline but it doesn't matter. It still constitutes a way of flaunting that could pose a significant effect. Some examples of online flaunting are posting pictures in social media about a new luxury car, lavish vacations including food and accommodation, expensive gadgets and worst of all, a self portrait with a pile of money.

Offline examples include wearing glittering trinkets all over the body, unsolicited bragging of luxury experiences and the like.

I don't feel bitter nor happy about these people. Rather I feel compassionate about them. It must have been that they're often neglected that they want to ding for others to notice them. Too bad.

I am not against the idea of flaunting because it is human nature to share the emotions to other people. As humans we can't keep to ourselves what we feel and to interact with one another is within the norms.

What is pissing me off is when shallow details have been magnified so as to call the attention of others. Sure this is going to be ego self-boosting but most often than not self-inflicting. These are some of the downsides of outrageous flaunting that I feel compassionate about.

You are cocky

The message of flaunting will be clearly sent to the recipient. But how a person perceives beyond the superficial message is uncontrollable and often destructive to the sender. While you might feel happy about posting pictures of you driving a Lamborghini, others may think you are bragging what you have and not really looking into your achievement and self-worth.

You have less attention

Having luxury items speak for itself and don't need to be showed off. Wearing an Hermes bag on a banquet is good but having an enlarged picture of it on social media is not appropriate. Doing so will result to an ill-mannered way of calling people's attention. If you need praises and compliments, donate your bag and help other people.

You put yourself at risk

Flagrant showing of what you have jeopardizes your privacy and personal safety. If this is going in the wrong ears, it could possibly get you in trouble. Don't let that happen.


To flaunt is to flare. But not all things can be flaunted. Remember, people will like you not because of what you have but what you are. Instead of bragging about your newest acquisition, why not talk about your struggles and achievements instead?

You will never know but that could be the tipping point of other people. They can see your intrinsic qualities that could inspire them to do the same and achieve their goals in life.

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