I Wanna Be Happy, Not Rich


"I wanna be happy, not rich." You hear this all the time. All people are saying this, to overstate. We were born and raised hearing this line over and over again - like a broken record. First, I am not blaming anyone. Yet on a second thought, I found a slight glitch that makes the difference. Second, I am not convincing someone to advocate my opinion. Would be happy if you share some insights though.

You see, the statement says happiness is mutually exclusive with being rich. Which means to say, one can never be happy if he is rich and vice versa. The law of duality applies though flawed.

Of course not! I strongly disagree. And their STRONGEST defense is this - "Yeah they're rich, but they have family, personal problems at the very least. I don't want that." Very. Least. Superly extreme lol. If you are rich, you must have a serious problem! I don't want that too. Who does?

But after all, that is a LAME EXCUSE. Here is why.

To say that happiness does not come along with wealth is not true. Better forget that. Zilch. That's a crippling lie. Yes, I agree that there are some people who got rich and died like a rat.

They're caught up with drugs, suicide and serious problems. But that doesn't apply to ALL. Don't generalize the issue. It's like saying "All men are liars."

Woah! Then what am I? Kidding :) Of course that's not true. Just because you've been swindled by a strange man or abused with your partner doesn't generally mean all men are bad! Right or correct? :p

"I wanna be LAZY...not rich.." - to correct the famous scratched record. Being happy is an excuse. But to become lazy is the REAL reason why someone doesn't want to be rich.

Life isn't easy. Who says it is? That is why majority end up living the "easy way" saying, "I wanna be toot..not rich.."


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