Are You An Ass-Kicker or Ass-Licker?


May it in business or career, there's one question to ask for: "Am I an ass-kicker or ass-licker?" It doesn't matter, as long as I'm happy either way around is fine with me, a hypocrite might say.

Rarely true. Nobody's been successful with cuffs on someone's hand. Autonomy is what motivates people to work and to do well on their career. Being a pup to someone else is crippling. Uninspiring.

Say you want to do this thing and your boss tells you otherwise. And when you ask the logic behind that decision you are responded with a common line, "It's the decision from the top. We have to follow what they say."

So in other words, there are no options. Follow what they say or leave. You're an ass-licker. 

You want to start a doughnut stand on a local mall. But lo and behold somebody else's doing the same thing. A competitor! You noticed that their hot stuff is selling well but yours.

That's when you realize that your competitor is giving away freebies for a minimum purchase. Good idea, you thought.

You posted a big signage in front of your stand stating, "FREE Coffee for Every Box". It's working! It's selling well! Hooray! So there you are, copycat. Trend-follower. Ass-licker.

In contradiction, there are some individuals who are given the freedom to do their own thing. The person above him only does the assessment of the undertaking. Say this person initiates a project that saves your company a million dollar in a year.

Nobody has instructed him to do it. Nobody either triggered him to think of that project until him. Now his superior is excited about this project and optimistic that they could even save more than expected.

A year after, the prophecy has been fulfilled. This guy brought in an enormous savings due to his power-saving equipment. A lot of people applauded him during the recognition rites. This guy felt happy. He was inspired to do more. Now isn't that nice to be like him? Creating value. Doing something extraordinary.

Market-leaders are ass-kickers. In most cases, these businesses deliver a premium product. Pricey but fulfilling. It's like the feeling of people falling in line just to buy the latest iPhone.

Due to popularity and massive demand of the market, Samsung fills in with gadgets closely similar to Apple but with a lower price.

Yes they're successful. They're huge. But what can we say? They might be conquering the biggest chunk of the market but they're still a follower. An ass-licker.


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